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Complete Explanation:
A comic boar game based on the Erie Railroad wars. Owner of the railroad James Fisk has slipped to the ground after trying unsuccessfully to scale the greased pole. Coins and a bill marked "Erie" fall from his pockets. Among the men who jeer at his predicament is Cornelius Vanderbilt, who, throughout 1868 and 1869, tried unsuccessfully to seize control of the Erie by buying into its stock.

At right are directions for the game:

"Use two Dice thrown together; if the sum of the throw is an even number, the player places his chip on the first number of the pole and is entitled to successive throws unti his throw is an odd number, in which case the chip is moved down one number, (or off, if on the first square), and the play is made by the next in turn. Doublets entitle the player to move his chip two squares. The game is completed when the successful chip has passed the highest square and is thrown off."

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