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Jackson, Andrew, his memory invoked, Savannah, Ga.
Complete Explanation:
A view of the public meeting in Johnson Square, Savannah, prompted by news of Lincoln's election, where a resolution was adopted for a state secession convention. In the nocturnal scene, the square is crowded with animated spectators surrounding an obelisk, where a banner emblazoned with the image of a coiled rattlesnake and the words "Our Motto Southern Rights, Equality of the States, Don't Tread on Me" is displayed. The scene is lit by fireworks and a bonfire. The old City Exchange building is visible beyond the monument.

Unlike copies of the print described in "The Confederate Image" and "Citizens in Conflict," the Library's impression of this image was printed from only one stone (black). It is inscribed in the lower left margin area: "Presented by Jos Prendergast to John Devereaux Nov 1860. J. P. helped to make the above Banner and himself painted the lettering thereon."

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