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RISING OF THE PEOPLE. "The Drum-Tap rattles through the Land."
Complete Explanation:
A patriotic scene on the cover of a music sheet for a song written by N. P. Beers and composed by M. Colburn. In a middle-class domestic interior a young soldier (center) prepares to go off to war for the Union. He is surrounded by his family and has discarded his civilian clothes, which lie in a heap at left, and donned a uniform taken from a still-open trunk. A small child--possibly his own--watches him with obvious fascination. A young woman (his wife?) clutches his hand, as an elderly man kneels beside him fixing a holster to his belt. A revolver is on the floor in the foreground. A young girl (right) holds his knapsack, and another man (at left, standing beneath a picture of a Revolutionary War scene) holds his musket and points toward an open doorway at the right, through which Union troops are visible assembled before the U.S. Capitol.

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