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Complete Explanation:
An attack on several of the liberal Republicans who opposed the Grant administration's move to annex Santo Domingo. At left the devil (only his horns, tail, and cloven hoof can be seen) roasts six Republicans on a gridiron as two black men watch from a ledge at right.

Missouri senator Carl Schurz cries, "I am loud on San Domingo, And I can't be stopped by jingo; Tho' the pain I bear provokes me, And the smell of brimstone chokes me." Another man announces, "Any thing to beat Grant!" Massachusetts senator Charles Sumner holds out "Sumner's Letter," inviting the two black men, "Come Sambo! jump right on the Gridiron with the rest, while its hot and lively." One of the black men replies, "No you dont Massa Sumner; Old Secesh Debble hold dat Gridiron and I guess you burn your feet." A second unidentified Republican comments, "This makes me jump as quick as I did when Stonewall Jackson used to chase me in the war," while Horace Greeley claps his hands, saying, "Anything to get Office."

Sumner's and other Republicans' opposition to the administration's plans caused a deep rift within the party.

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