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Complete Explanation:
A campaign parody somewhat favorable to Republican candidate John C. Fremont, but suggesting a conspiracy between Fremont and Millard Fillmore to defeat Democrat James Buchanan. Buchanan's nickname "Ten Cent Jimmy" was a derisive label applied to him by labor interests.

In the background behind a fence Buchanan can be seen addressing a working-class gathering. "Gent[leme]n," he harangues them, "if you put me in, why I promise that you shall be on the same plan as the laborers of Europe, Ten Cents a Day." Fillmore crouches this side of the fence, watching. Fremont, with a carpenter's tools and smock, and shirtsleeves rolled, stands in the foreground.

Fillmore (aside, to Fremont): "Monte, I've got my eye up on the old Buck--with such a crowd as he's got, he can't go in, I'll Bargain with you? If I can't win, why you shall."

Fremont: "All right, agreed and if I don't win why you shall, but look here, If Ten Cent Jimmy wins we working men will have Ten Cents a Day. How are we to live? look at the price of provisions."

To the left is a "Cheap grocery & provision store" offering pork at ten to eighteen cents per pound, "Fine Buck" at two and a half cents, cabbages at ten to twelve and a half cents each, and other produce at equally high rates. At right is the boardinghouse of "Mrs Woodbee Late Pierce" (no doubt a disparaging reference to Democratic incumbent Franklin Pierce) offering rooms to mechanics at three dollars per week. A scrawny dog barks at the door.

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