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The Palmetto State Song.
Complete Explanation:
An illustrated cover for sheet music celebrating the South Carolina state convention on December 20, 1860, where an ordinance of secession was passed unanimously, thereby severing the state's ties with the Union. The song is "respectfully dedicated to the signers of the Ordinance of Secession." The cover illustration shows the interior of the crowded hall, where on a stage several of the 169 delegates are gathered around the secession document.

Above them hangs the flag of South Carolina, with a palmetto appearing under an arch. Above the arch is an allegorical mural with a palmetto tree in the center, under which Music (or Poetry, holding a lyre), Liberty, and a third female figure repose. The central vignette is flanked by a farmer (left) and sailor with an anchor.

Two additional allegorical figures appear in niches on either side of the stage.

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