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Complete Explanation:
The artist's portrayal of Harrison's rout of Van Buren reflects strong Whig confidence late in the presidential campaign of 1840. Van Buren is shown as a fox, with a bird (an albatross?) labeled "Treasury" around his neck. He flees from a pack of barrel-trunked hounds, and from Whig senators Daniel Webster (center) and Henry Clay, toward the White House steps. From the steps William Henry Harrison warns him away with a pitchfork.

Van Buren: "I must get to cover as soon as possible, my race is nearly run! D---n these cider barrel hounds."

Harrison: "Oh ho! you are making for the White house my boy! but it's no longer a cover for you, I'm put here to keep you out of it!"

Webster: "He is nearly run out! he will not go another turn! see how his tail droops!"

Clay: ". . . Look out General or he'll get into his hole!"

The barrels are labeled "Tip's Dog," "Hard Cider 1841," "Reform 1841," and "Better Times."

The Library's impression was deposited for copyright on August 26, 1840, but was actually registered for copyright earlier, on August 14. Printed in the lower left margin is "Price 25 Cents."

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