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Grand Virginia reel and scamperdown at the Whitehouse Washington
Complete Explanation:
Another satire on Andrew Jackson's conflict with French king Louis Philippe over French reparations due the United States under the Treaty of 1831. The artist blames vice-president Van Buren for escalation of anti-French feeling in the Administration to the verge of war.

In the center Jackson, holding a sack of 25 million francs (the amount of French debt established by the treaty), dances to a tune played by "First Fiddle" Van Buren and the Cabinet orchestra. Louis Philippe falls to the floor at left. Jackson: "Par l'Eternel! Louis Philippe, je jouerai l'enfer et Thomas avec vous! D--n it Martin give us a War-dance! Whoop!!"

Louis Philippe: "Nom de Dieu! I try de double shuffle wis dis d--n old Jackson, & he put me on my back supristi!!"

Van Buren: "'I am the boy for bewitching 'em!' Forward and back two!!"

Various other foreign heads of state and significant persons (identified in the lower margin) witness the scene, some commenting on it. The words given to Baron de Rothschild, for instance, express the anti-Semitic, anti-bank sentiments of the artist, "By Moses and de Profits, I am King of de Jews!"

Weitenkampf records three different "issues" of the print, but describes only one, signed by Edward Williams Clay and published by Robinson in February 1836 at 48 Courtlandt St. The Library's impression has a variant imprint, listing the address as 52 Courtlandt St., and lacking Clay's monogram.

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