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Complete Explanation:
An illustrated election ticket for Martin Van Buren and Richard M. Johnson, listing Ohio's Democratic electors for the presidential race of 1836. The ticket is illustrated with a wood-engraving of Van Buren as the "Little Magician," a nickname he acquired for his political adroitness. Dressed in a costume vaguely Oriental in style, Van Buren shines a magic lantern toward the Capitol, projecting the words, "Liberty & Equal Rights." He holds a flag which says "Magician." At his feet lie a sword and a bugle, martial attributes evocative of Andrew Jackson. In the background left are the United States Mint, a train, and a ship on a waterway--symbols of commerce and progress.

The ticket is typographically similar to nos. 1836-16, -18 and -19 and is probably from the same press.

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