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Complete Explanation:
An emblematic print with hidden portraits of the Presidents, from Washington through Jackson. In the center is a small land mass, surrounded on three sides by water and strewn with barrels, anchors, bales, a cornucopia, rudder, scythe, fasces, cannon, and a scroll "Declaration of Rights." On the left is a deciduous tree of indeterminate species, and on the right a palm tree. In the center an eagle holding lightning bolts stands over a shield with palm and olive branches, and a banderole with the words "E Pluribus Unum."

Below the shield are the verses:

Here on the Rock of Boundless Ages

Are Shades of Patriot Chiefs and Sages!

Who form'd our Constitutions Plan

On Moral Justice and the Rights of Man. Behind the eagle is a trident surmounted by a beehive-like liberty cap and three flags. Rays of light emanate from behind.

In the left background is a peristyle Temple of Liberty, on the right are several ships on the water. The portrait profiles are visible in the central portion of the image.

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