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CITY OF NEW. YORK. MORDECAI M. NOAH, of No. 57, Franklin-street, being DULY SWORN . . .
Complete Explanation:
Parody of a public notice, dated June 20, 1828, reporting an assault on American Zionist, playwright, and editor Mordecai Manuel Noah by Elijah J. Roberts. In the text Noah petitions that Roberts "be bound by recognizance to be of good behavior and keep the peace, and to answer for the above assault, &c. at the next Court of General Sessions of the Peace . . . ." A vignette illustration portrays a diminutive figure of Roberts attacking a much larger Noah on the steps of New York's Park Theatre. A playbill on the wall behind them advertises "The Jew," "1 Act of the Hypocrite," and "End with the farce of The Liar." At this time Noah was editor of the "New York Enquirer."

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