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Complete Explanation:
A sheet music cover illustrated with an allegorical vignette incorporating the arms of the state of South Carolina. The quickstep was composed by George Cole for the Washington Light Infantry and dedicated by the troop to the Savannah Republican Blues, Chatham Artillery, Georgia Hussars, and Volunteer Guards and to the Columbia Richland Rifle Corps and Governors Guards. According to the text it was "played on the Occasion of the reception of the above Companies in Charleston Feb 22nd 1850."

The vignette features an arch, "Constitution," resting on three columns labeled "Wisdom," "Justice," and "Moderation." The arch stands in the shadow of a palmetto, South Carolina being known as the Palmetto State. In the left background is a mountainous landscape with a viaduct crossed by a locomotive. On the right, a farmer ploughs his field and ships sail on the water.

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