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Complete Explanation:
An illustrated election ticket for Martin Van Buren and Richard M. Johnson, listing Ohio Democratic electors for the presidential race of 1836. The ticket is illustrated with a small vignette of a man, possibly Van Buren, bettering another candidate in a race on hogs. The losing rider shouts, "Stop VAN!!!" and the lead figure replies, "No, I'm bound to beat." Although the context would suggest that the lead figure is Van Buren, he bears no resemblance to him. The figures may, on the other hand, be two of the three opposition candidates, Hugh L. White, William Henry Harrison, and Daniel Webster, eah of whom represented regional interests of the various parts of the country.

The ticket is printed on the same sheet as the another, "Go it, ye Cripples!" which portrays Webster, Harrison, and White riding pigs, in pursuit of Van Buren. Both seem to be from the same press as nos. 1836-16 through 1836-18).

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