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Complete Explanation:
A large campaign chart features the portraits of Democratic presidential candidate Samuel J. Tilden and running mate Thomas A. Hendricks and smaller medallion portraits. The candidates are shown in roundel bust portraits in decorative frames. Surrounding Tilden are laurel leaves, and surrounding Hendricks are oak leaves, traditional symbol of the Democrats. Below is a shield emblazoned with stars and stripes. The leaves join and encircle a small medallion portrait of George Washington. Above is a bald eagle holding arrows and olive branches and flanked by six American flags. Bust portraits of U.S. Presidents from George Washington to Ulysses S. Grant form an arc about the central vignette. Colored rays of light emanate from behind the eagle.

The text below the image provides a wealth of information, including a list of previous U.S. Presidents, election results from 1796 to 1872, the electoral vote, the Democratic platform in 1876, short biographies of Tilden and Hendricks, a chart of popular votes in 1864, 1868, and 1868, and the population of the United States in 1870.

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