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Complete Explanation:
Another large campaign broadside or "chart" for Tilden and Hendricks. (See also no. 1876-4.) The candidates' bust portraits appear in oval medallions enframed by lush foliage and flowers. A classical female figure between them holds above their heads two laurel wreaths. Flanking them are figures of Fortitude (left), holding a sword and liberty cap, and Wisdom (right) with shield and spear. Above them is an eagle on a shield with a banderole with the words "Our Country Forever."

A motto on the left is "Economy, Honesty, and Reform" and on the right "Prosperity and Happiness for Our People." Two small vignettes at the top of the picture show on one side a sailor nailing an American flag to a mast (left) and on the other clasped hands with the Constitution and another American flag.

The bottom vignette shows a Temple of Liberty, on which perches an eagle with a banner "E Pluribus Unum." The building sits on a larger rock "Constitution & Laws." An assorted group of Americans, including a sailor holding the flag, a farmer, and a man in eighteenth-century costume, stand cheering below. On the ground behind them are sheaves of wheat.

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