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H. Clay
Complete Explanation:
Another campaign portrait of Whig presidential candidate Henry Clay. In an oval frame, surrounded by an ornate floral wreath, is a bust-length portrait of Clay. Two books and a quill pen are visible over his shoulder at left; at right, behind a curtain, is the base of a column and, beyond that, the sky. Surmounting the oval is an eagle grasping an olive branch in one claw and arrows in the other, and holding a streamer in his beak. Below is a facsimile of Clay's signature.

Like "The Working Man" (no. 1844-3), the Library's impression is a proof (possibly a restrike) on paper from a plate engraved for printing campaign badges. Sullivan and Fisher reproduce a similar badge printed on silk (no. HC-47). In this state, Clay's head is surrounded by a faint halo indicating considerable reengraving of the plate.

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