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Complete Explanation:
An illustrated sheet music cover glorifying the nativist cause, produced shortly after the bloody anti-Catholic riots in Kensington, Philadelphia, of May 1844. The song was composed and arranged by James W. Porter, with words by "a Native," and "respectfully dedicated to the American Republicans of the United States." The American Republican party worked for the restriction of immigration and the defense of American education and government against "Papism," or the influence of the Catholic Church.

The illustration shows what was later to become a popular nativist symbol: a tattered American flag, attached loosely to a staff. According to the text it was "The glorious Flag under which the Americans assembled in Kensington on the memorable 3rd, 6th & 7th May 1844." (See also "The Three Days of May 1844. Columbia Mourns her Citizens Slain," no. 1844-50). Allegedly mutilated by Irish rioters during the tumult, the flag came to symbolize the threat to America which nativists believed was posed by Catholic immigrants.

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