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Complete Explanation:
A satire on William M. Price, federal district attorney of New York who fled to Europe after embezzling from the government approximately {dollar}72,000. Price followed coconspirator Samuel Swartwout, former collector of the port, who had earlier absconded with close to {dollar}1.23 million. The two Tammany officials were the focus of a federal investigation beginning in late November 1838. The scandal they created added considerable fuel to Whig opposition to Van Buren's "Sub-Treasury" or independent treasury program. After the scandal, Swartwout stayed in England until 1841 to avoid prosecution but then returned to the United States.

On the left Price, in shirtsleeves, removes coins from a butter churn labeled "Sub-Treasury" saying, "It is time & by the Eternal I'll settle my accounts with this Government and follow my friend Sam!!" In the scene at right he strolls off following the footprints of Swartwout and carrying a sack labeled "{dollar}1,200,000" (an inflated figure). He remarks, "The Republican party have seen darker days than this!" Behind him a letter of resignation falls to the ground, and a ship sets sail in the background.

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