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Complete Explanation:
Another satire on the Glentworth scandal controversy, by the same artist as "The Last Card," "Evenhanded Justice," and "O. K." (nos. 1840-60, -62, and -63). Here the artist lampoons Democratic efforts to sensationalize the Glentworth proceedings.

Glentworth is portrayed as a large striped cat frightening scullery maid "Miss Whiting" (actually New York District Attorney James R. Whiting). The cat has emerged suddenly from a large fireplace in a kitchen or cellar area, scattering firewood and andirons and frightening Whiting, who had been seated reading in a chair. Whiting has seized a fireplace shovel and tongs and confronts the cat.

To his assistance rush four other Democratic principals in the Glentworth affair, descending the stairs to the left. They are (top to bottom) Van Buren friend and Loco Foco leader John W. Edmonds (brandishing a tomahawk marked "half-breed"), city recorder Robert H. Morris (holding the "fatal package"of evidence which Glentworth had tried to steal from Morris's office), influential New York Democrat Jesse Hoyt (holding a "tariff" stick, emblematic of Hoyt's office as collector of the port), and Federal District Attorney Benjamin F. Butler (holding a broom and paper marked "hypocrite").

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