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Complete Explanation:
A scene in New York, outside the gates of City Hall Park. Two well-dressed men with top hats overturn the table of two apple-women. One of the men (from all appearances a Loco Foco radical Democrat) shouts at the women, "What right have you to live? Come, clear out!" The other man topples a table from which fall apples, cigars, and what looks like a cider churn, ordering them to "Clear out here!"

Horrified by the men's actions, the women, who are surrounded by their ragged children, protest, "You take my life, when you take the means by which I live" and "God forgive the plunderers of my fatherless babes!"

Watching the uproar is a genteel young couple walking at right. The woman asks her companion, "Law! Mr. Brown aint you glad that these disgusting beings will no longer offend the eyes of pious and respectable people?" He replies, in an affected accent, "Yes, my de--aw! They are werry of-fensive . . ."

In the background is visible the north side of City Hall, from which flies an American flag with the cryptic words "Order Reigns in Warsaw." To the right appears another building marked "Post Office" (actually John Vanderlyn's Rotunda, which over time saw a number of uses as a public building). Weitenkampf suggests that the subject is David Hale, influential publisher of the New York "Journal of Commerce," and his campaign against work on Sundays. The man overturning the table is probably identifiable as Hale.

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