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Complete Explanation:
A satirical view of the heavy losses suffered by Loco Foco and Tammany factions of the New York City Democratic party in the municipal elections of April 1837. The vote brought about not only the defeat of Tammany Hall candidate John J. Morgan and Equal Rights party ("Loco Foco") nominee David R. Jacques for mayor, but the loss of the Common Council to the Whigs as well.

At right the Indian brave Tammany, his breast pierced by an arrow, and his wife, portrayed as a crude Irish woman, fall under the weight of a ballot box. Several prominent Democrats scatter in alarm under a rain of "Whig tickets." Among the Democrats is federal District Attorney William M. Price (standing facing left), whose coattails are grasped by a fallen man. Alexander Ming, Jr., and Elijah F. Purdy flee to the right. Copies of two Democratic newspapers, the "Times" and "Plain Dealer," lie on the ground.

Tammany: "Farewell to all my greatness. This last blow has settled me! My dear Loco Foco, stretch out your arms to me; I die!"

His wife: "Arrah be me soul Ould Tammany, your faithful Loco Foco will die wid you! I'm knockt all to smidereens!"

Fallen man : "Help me up Price, I'm a gone chicken."

Price: "Let go my skirts, you little premonitory."

Ming: "Run Eli, the jig's up."

Purdy: "Aye! Aye! Ming, the Devil take the hindmost!"

On the left are triumphant representatives of the Whig press, including "Courier and Enquirer" editor James Watson Webb, who has just unleashed the arrow which has struck Tammany in the heart, and Charles King (holding sword), editor of the "New York American." James Gordon Bennett, the cross-eyed editor of the "New York Herald," falls under Webb's feet. A man with a fireman's hat and horn urges the group on. Behind him is Mordecai Manuel Noah, editor of the "New York Star," wielding a pike. He is followed by men representing the New York "Gazette" and "Express."

Fireman: "Huzza! onward, we'll bang Slamm and the rest of them this time."

King: "Keep together and the victory is ours."

Bennett: ""Murder! Big Whiskers! Save me! I'm the Ladies favorite. Hoxie! Lovely Emmeline!! Squint Eye! Oh!!"

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