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Complete Explanation:
A disparaging portrayal of New York Tammany Democrats and their candidate for mayor in the April 1837 municipal elections. Here the angular, aristocratic candidate John J. Morgan presents a striking contrast to the rioting Irishmen and Germans of the party's rank and file.

Morgan approaches from the right, shaded by an umbrella held by a uniformed attendant as another attendant follows with an armchair. The group is preceded by a Negro boy carrying two pistols. At left a fracas transpires. Two ragged men, possibly members of the Loco Foco faction of the party, look on. One says, "Is that our candidate Bob? introduce me; the party are strangers to him." (The Loco Foco candidate was David R. Jacques).

Comments from the brawlers include, "Well, poor Tammany is done over when such a skeleton is to represent the great democracy!" and "Do'nt whistle in the face of the new Mayor, he may catch the grippe!" and "Vel vot of it, who cares for Mr. Morgan, a good puff will blow him away . . ."

Despite the fact that Morgan is referred to in the cartoon as mayor, he was defeated in the election by Whig opponent Aaron Clark.

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