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Complete Explanation:
Another satire on the 1838 New YoSrk mayoral contest, this time suggesting collusion between Whig candidate and incumbent mayor Aaron Clark and conservative Democrat Richard Riker. Here Clark sits on his stalled mare (center) as his rival Isaac L. Varian's horse makes off at left. Just visible, it trails a flag that reads "Regular Democratic Nomination! No Monopoly! Down with a monied Aristocracy!"

Clark hands Riker a staff with a ram on its end, labeled "Lottery Office," urging, "Take my rod Dickey, and give her [his horse] another conservative poke, or it will be all Dickey with me!" Riker replies, "She'll go Aaron as soon as she feels her oats! If she dont I'll give her the six months!" A Jew stands at right thumbing his nose at the proceedings, "Shtop my friendsch I vill shave you shome troublesh . . . It ish moneysh vat maksh de Mare/Mayor go.!!"

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