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Complete Explanation:
A satiric commentary on the effects of the landslide Whig victory in New York state elections in the autumn of 1838. President Van Buren (left) greets two of his defeated allies: incumbent governor William L. Marcy (center, in uniform) and Representative Churchill C. Cambreleng. Both men had the support of New York radical Democrats, or "Loco Focos."

Van Buren: "Welcome old friends to me yet dear, Pray what the devil brings you here?"

Marcy: "I have had leave to resign, and wish to be taken care of. If you had nothing better, I'll take the Office of Collector!"

Cambreleng (wiping his eyes): "I am defeated in spite of the lamentations of the people!"

Servant at the door, in a Dutch accent: "Vot rum-looking Coveys these is. I vonder Master admits them!"

A portrait of Van Buren supporter Francis Preston Blair hangs on the wall of the room.

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