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Complete Explanation:
A satire on the 1838 New York mayoralty contest, here shown as a horse race between (left to right) Whig candidate Aaron Clark, Democrat Richard Riker, and Loco Foco Democrat Isaac L. Varian. Clark is clearly in the lead. He waves his hat, saying to Riker who is close behind him, "Whip up Mr. Recorder, or Loco Foco will up with you neck and neck." The bespectacled Riker reassures him, "Dont be alarmed, you see he has bolted already, the 'ends of justice' will keep him at a distance." Varian's horse rears up and turns in the wrong direction spilling Varian's hat and box of "Loco Foco Matches" to the ground. Varian cries, "Confound the jade, she has kicked out of the traces, --this Locofocoism is carrying too much weight, them is my sentiments, shade of Sam Purdy, come to my relief, or I am distanced."

From the spectators in the background come various remarks: "Aaron goes it in fine style, on his blood mare."

"Yes I'll bet ten to one he wins the plate."

"Dickey's [i.e., Riker's] racker shows signs of age, they say he's 21 years old."

"Hoorawr! for Dickey, he's the "little joker!"

"Varian shows signs of distress, he's heaving over part of his cargo."

"I think he's rather dumfoozled, werry!"

"If Varian aint distanced I'm a nigger."

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