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Complete Explanation:
One of James Gordon Bennett's perennial editorial campaigns against the Catholic bishop of New York John Hughes is the subject of "Jamie & the Bishop." On the left Scottish-born "Jamie" Bennett, a quill pen behind his ear, shoots a clyster at the archbishop, saying, "Hoot awa mon, this is the best weapon in the College of Pharmacy, & mickle dirty water can I fling with it mon!" "Dirty water" is probably a reference to the notoriously squalid form of journalism practiced by Bennett in his newspaper, the New York "Herald." Hughes retaliates with a swing of his crozier, saying, "With all the power of Holy Church will I assail thee, most reprobate & contemptible viper." Behind Hughes stands an Irishman, a gin bottle in his pocket and club in his hand. He growls, "Be Jasus shtand back! your honor's worship, & let me have a shlap at him wid the shillaly!"

Bennett is offered support by another Scotsman, who scratches his back against a nearby lamp-post, "Wait a bit, Jamie, till I've scratched my bock & I'll lend yees a hand, mon."

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