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Complete Explanation:
A figurative portrayal of the 1844 presidential contest as a cock-fight, in which Whig candidate Henry Clay prevails. Clay and Democratic opponent Polk battle in a pit or ring as several prominent political figures look on. The Polk bird is obviously waning, having lost many of its feathers. Clay crows, "Cock a doodle doo doo."

Outside the ring some of the spectators comment on the action. Daniel Webster (far left) says: "I'll bet one of my best Chowders on the Kentucky Rooster [i.e., Clay]." Beside him Clay's running-mate Theodore Frelinghuysen watches silently.

Disappointed Democratic aspirant Martin Van Buren (center) remarks, "They rejected me, let them look to their Champion!" Beside Van Buren stand (left to right) prominent Democrats John C. Calhoun, Thomas Hart Benton, Andrew Jackson, and an unidentified fourth man. Jackson comments, "By the Eternal! I doubt the pluck of that Cock from Tenessee [Polk], if he does "go for Texas."

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