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Complete Explanation:
A crude but engaging picture, celebrating the goodwill between Great Britain and the United States generated by the successful completion of the Atlantic telegraph cable between Newfoundland and Valentia Bay (Ireland). Laid by the American steamer "Niagara" and British steamer "Agamemnon" (which appear in the background of the print), the cable transmitted its first message on August 17, 1858.

The artist shows Brother Jonathan (left) shaking hands with John Bull. The two figures stand on opposite shores, set against a stormy, lightning-streaked sky over a choppy sea.

"Brother Jonathan: "Glad to grasp your hand, uncle John! I almost feel like calling you Father, and will if you improve upon acquaintance! May the feeling of Friendship . . . be like the electric current which now unites our lands, and links our destiny with yours! May our hearts always beat together; and with one pulse--one Purpose, of Peace and Good-Will, we yet shall see ALL NATIONS speaking our Language, blessed with our Liberty, and led by that spirit of Love and Justice which leads to the only true happiness and Glory of Nations!"

John Bull: "Happy to see and greet you, Jonathan! You feel like 'bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh!' You have grown to be a tall and sturdy man--quite as big as your Father! Great times these, my boy! We won't think of quarreling any more. I have grown too wise for that; and I hope we will both agree to let by-gones be by-gones! Henceforth we treat each other as equals, and only strive which shall do most in making 'all the world and the rest of Mankind' (as one of your good old Presidents once said) realize 'How good and pleasant a thing it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.'"

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