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[Untitled Harrison letter sheet]
Complete Explanation:
An illustrated Whig campaign letter sheet. On the left is a vignette bust portrait of William Henry Harrison framed with entwined ears of corn, stalks of wheat, and fruit. On the right, with the same enframement, is a scene in the wilderness with a log cabin. Outside the cabin are a dog, three men conversing (two of them soldiers), and a small figure drawing cider from a barrel labeled "Hard Cider" near the door. A plough with two horses stands nearby. The door to the cabin is open, and a woman is visible within.

The Library's impression was deposited for copyright on June 22, 1840, and is inscribed "Hard Cider" in a contemporary hand. Narine and Durant also published letter sheets for Henry Clay during the campaign of 1844 (see Milgram "Abraham Lincoln," p. 186).

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