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THE GRAND NATIONAL FIGHT 2 AGAINST 1 FOUGHT ON THE 6TH NOV. 1856 for One Hundred Thousand Dollars.
Complete Explanation:
The familiar metaphor of the presidential contest as a boxing match is invoked once again. (For an earlier example see "Set to Between the Champion Old Tip and the Swell Dutchman of Kinderhook," no. 1836-12.) The scene is set in an open field, roped off behind to make a ring. Republican candidate Fremont (right) squares off against Democrat James Buchanan (left), after the latter has felled American party nominee Millard Fillmore.

Buchanan warns Fremont, "Look out now Young Mariposa for that hair on your face I will put in the "Right" when you least expect it!" Fremont replies, "Come to time, Old Buck, I think I can lick a Democrat as old again as you are!" Fremont steps over the fallen Fillmore, who says, "You see, Fremont, I'm down! There must be a good many drops of 'Democrtic Blood' in that arm of Old Buck's to strike such a stunning blow!"

Buchanan is seconded by an Irishman (far left) who comments, "By Jabbers but Old Bucky knocks 'em." Fremont is supported by a Bowery type (crouching at far right) who urges him, "Go in wooly Hoss don't be afeard." The print was probably issued in summer 1856 or later in the election campaign, after Fillmore's prospects for victory had dimmed.

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