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Complete Explanation:
Facing a relative lack of enthusiasm for his campaign in New York State, Lewis Cass hoped to muster Democratic rank-and-file support by endorsing for lieutenant-governor the popular lawyer Charles O'Conor.

Here the "Old Hunker" (i.e., conservative Democrat) Cass fishes from a rock at right, dangling a line with O'Conor on its hook above a group of Irish immigrant laborers. O'Conor says, "Come my Countrymen" as he is hailed enthusiastically by the workers, exclaim, "Hurra for Charley O'Connor," "We'll have him President yet," and "Isn't he a darling."

A man at the far left says, "Send down the Jewell." Their tools--spades, wheelbarrow, pickaxes and such--are strewn about. At left is a wall plastered with posters advertising a "Mass Meeting Cass & Butler" and "One More Rally for Ireland."

Cass remarks, "Upon my honor, I had no idea that a Lawyer was such excellent bait for the real Dimicrats!"

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