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Complete Explanation:
The title refers to Whig candidate Zachary Taylor as the probable victor in the 1848 presidential contest. Taylor is portrayed as a victorious fighting cock, standing over his dead opponent, another cock with the head of Democratic candidate Lewis Cass. Taylor crows, "Cru-e-ruk-ruk-ru have you any more of the kind on hand?" Feathers are strewn about in the foreground; a lake or river and large mountains appear in the distance. Nearby lies a second defeated cock, Free Soil party candidate Martin Van Buren.

At the far right a fourth rooster, Liberty party candidate John Hale, flees, exclaiming, "I'm off in time!" Hale's flight may symbolize the candidate's exit from the campaign, which was prompted by Van Buren's nomination by a coalition of Liberty party abolitionists, Barnburner Democrats, and antislavery Whigs in August 1848.

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