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Complete Explanation:
A burlesque triumphal procession representing victory for the Democratic platform in the election of 1848. In a chariot drawn by Democrats Lewis Cass and William O. Butler (shown as two horses), Uncle Sam drives toward the White House. On his way he rides over and cuts in two a black man representing abolitionism and then continues over Free Soil candidate Martin Van Buren. Whig candidates Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore trail along behind, sharing the saddle of the same bucking horse.

Uncle Sam's chariot, called "Firm Confederation," is composed of a cab formed of large eagle wings and a shield. In it ride four crowned Liberty figures. They hold spears with banners reading: "Tariff of 1846," "Welcome [----] Oppressed," "No National Bank," and "Honor and Peace."

Uncle Sam remarks enthusiastically, "Do tell now, ain't this the way to make a happy Republic?" Van Buren, visible beneath the chariot's wheels, groans, "Second sober thoughts--I wish I had been out of this muss!" Fillmore comments, "I say Taylor, we two have been too weighty for the Old buster! [i.e., their horse]" Taylor replies, "No, the Old thing was in a very bad condition when we mounted him."

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