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Complete Explanation:
An unlikely equestrian campaign portrait of controversial and eccentric editor Horace Greeley. The title of the print refers to Greeley's writings on farming and his own famous farm in Chappaqua, New York.

Here the 1872 Liberal Republican and Democratic presidential candidate rides a white horse through a stormy landscape, with his dogs "Reform" and "Democracy" at his heels. The wind has blown off his familiar white hat, which falls behind him. He approaches a stream crossed by a small bridge "One Term," an allusion to his platform seeking a limit of the presidential tenure to four years. He rides in the direction of Washington, D.C., which is visible in the distance beneath black clouds and teeming rain, leaving behind him the more peaceful forest visible at left.

In the lower margin are four Greeley campaign slogans: "Honesty in Government," "Equal Rights to all Men," "No gifts received for Office," and "No place reserved for poor relations."

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