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Complete Explanation:
A large campaign banner for Horace Greeley and Benjamin Gratz Brown. The 1870 copyright imprint date on the print must be erroneous, since Greeley's unexpected nomination by the Liberal Republicans did not occur until May 1872. Oval bust portraits of the two men are supported by the standing figure of Liberty. The portraits are adorned with an oak branch (Greeley) and an olive or laurel (Brown). Above is an eagle on a shield surrounded by American flags and resting on the Constitution. Below are scenes from the lives of the candidates.

At far left is a printer's composing room with two men and a boy at work, recalling Greeley's early newspaper career. Next, Greeley, seated holding a copy of his newspaper the New York "Tribune," is surrounded by a standing men, some of them cheering. The scene probably represents Greeley being offered the presidential nomination. Next, Brown addresses an audience from a stage. At far right Brown is seen sitting at a desk reading.

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