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Complete Explanation:
A large Whig campaign broadside, very similar to "Westward the March of Empire" (no. 1840-31) with the same lengthy text, here entitled "Epitome of the life of William Henry Harrison . . ."

Framing the text are two pairs of Ionic columns supporting a pediment, on which rests an eagle holding olive branches and arrows in his talons and a streamer reading "Harrison Union Liberty and Independence" in his beak. Behind the eagle a rising sun is partially visible. Below is a bust portrait of Harrison, after Albert Gallatin Hoit's 1840 painting. The columns rest on bases, with pictures of two Harrison victories, the battles of Tippecanoe (left) and the Thames (right). On the left pedestal stands an Indian with a tomahawk and rifle; on the right is a frontier hunter in buckskins and coonskin hat, holding a rifle.

The Library's impression of the print was received in the State Department as a copyright registration on August 2, 1840, suggesting that it was deposited for copyright shortly before. It may have been deposited at the same time as "Westward the March of Empire Takes Its Flight" (also published by B.O. Tyler), which was deposited for copyright on July 28.

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