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NOTICE TO QUIT. March 4th 1841.
Complete Explanation:
An optimistic Whig artist (probably Edward Williams Clay) portrays Martin Van Buren's evacuation of the White House on Inauguration Day 1841. A disgruntled Van Buren descends the steps, muttering "Our sufferings is intolerable! D--n his hard cider how it works me!" He carries his "Subtreasury Bill" under his arm.

He has been seen out by Jack Downing, who shouts from the door, "Good bye Matty dont look so down in the mouth! I'll get the General to appoint you Collector of the port of Kinderhook! and the New Yorkers will may be make you Inspector of Cabbage!"

The presidential mansion is already inhabited by William Henry Harrison, who watches from a window at left saying, "Show the Gentleman out Major Downing and give him a glass of cider before he goes!" Below the window is posted a theater bill advertising the "Washington Theatre. March 4th 1841. The School of Reform. Turn Out."

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