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THE POLITICAL DANCING JACK: A Holiday Gift for Sucking Whigs!!
Complete Explanation:
A rare anti-Whig satire, giving a cynical view of the party's image-building and manipulation of candidate William Henry Harrison. Two influential Whigs, Senator Henry Clay (left) and Congressman Henry A. Wise, operate the strings of a "dancing-jack" toy figure of Harrison in military uniform.

This and "The People's Line" (no. 1840-28) were issued anonymously. Their imprint gives two addresses used by publishers Huestis & Co. and Robert Elton during the 1840 campaign. Huestis and Elton issued two similar prints, "A Hard Road to Hoe" and "Uncle Sam's Pet Pups" (nos. 1840-26 and -29), probably designed by the same artist.

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