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Complete Explanation:
An illustrated sheet music cover for a "Patriotic Song. Written, to be sung at Baltimore during the Young Men's Whig Convention" of May 1840. The composer is identified as "a Pennsylvanian."

The illustration, like the song itself, celebrates the distinguished military record of Whig presidential candidate William Henry Harrison. A ring of smoke issues from two cannons and frames the central view of a log cabin in the wilderness. Outside the house are a cider barrel, a plough, a covered wagon, and (in the foreground) an ox cart and driver. Superimposed on the smoke ring are nine ovals containing scenes from Harrison's military career. They are (counterclockwise from bottom):

Ensign Harrison 19 years of age"

"Lieut. Harrison at Maumee Rapids"

"Govr. Harrison making a treaty with the Sacke & Fox Indians"

"Genl. Harrison hastening at night to the assistance of Genl. Winchester"

“Harrison's Victory at the Thames"

"Harrison's Victory at Tippecanoe"

"Genl. Harrison & his Army going into winter quarters at the Maumee Rapids, in 1812"

"Genl.Harrison in 1812 at the Head of 7000 Troops"

"Genl. Harrison at the Council of Vincennes with Tecumseh."

At the top of the oval is a bust of Harrison flanked by flags, muskets, bayonets, and fasces. Over his head hovers a dove holding a star.

The Library's impression of the print is damaged slightly, with a tear running through the log house.

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