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"LET EVERY ONE TAKE CARE OF HIMSELF." (As the Jack ass said when he was dancing among the Chickens.)
Complete Explanation:
A satire attacking Andrew Jackson's plan to distribute treasury funds, formerly kept in the Bank of the United States, among "branch banks" in various states. The artist also alleges Vice-President Van Buren's manipulation of administration fiscal policy.

Jackson appears as a jack-ass "dancing among the Chickens" (the branch banks) to the alarm of the hen "U.S.Bank." Martin Van Buren, as a fox, and Jack Downing, as a cock, look on. On the left sit five chained dogs, representing the "Albany Argus, Journal of Commerce," and other newspapers sympathetic to Jackson's program. In the left foreground a sow with the head of Jackson advisor Francis Preston Blair lies on a copy of his newspaper, the "Globe."

Jack Downing: "Yankee doodle doodle doo!"

Jackson: "Sing away Major Downing. This is a capital Experiment by the Eternal!"

Dogs: "He looks like a "Lion!" How dignified! What "correct" Steps! in such "good time!" Can any thing equal him! The "greatest" and "best" Ass we ever knew!"

Blair: "I feel quite at home on this dung heap."

Van Buren: ""Sly" is the word!"

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