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THE PEDLAR and his PACK or the Desperate EFFORT, an OVER BALANCE.
Complete Explanation:
A satire on the reverse impact of John Binns's anti-Jackson "coffin handbill" campaign during the presidential race of 1828. Editor-publisher Binns supports on his back a large load of coffins, upon which are figures of Henry Clay (left) and incumbent President John Quincy Adams (right).

Binns: "I must have an extra dose of Treasury-pap, or down go the Coffins Harry, for I feel faint already."

Clay: "Hold on Jonny Q--for I find that the people are too much for us, and I'm sinking with Jack and his Coffins!"

Adams (grasping the presidential chair): "I'll hang on to the Chair Harry, in spite of Coffin hand-bills Harris's letter Panama mission or the wishes of the People."

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