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Complete Explanation:
An anti-Tyler satire, lampooning the incumbent's efforts to secure a second term against challengers Henry Clay and James Polk. With his shoulder to the door Tyler bars the entry of (left to right) John C. Calhoun, Clay, Polk, and Andrew Jackson.

Tyler: "D--n you keep out. I tell you Uncle Sam dont want any new servants--he likes "me" too well, he only wants a man that will work like a niggar for nothing."

Clay: "Uncle Sam Calls me, you rogue--nobody can shut me out & I will come in."

Polk: "I Knows Uncle Sam don't want a servant to work for nothing, Matty got "fat" in his service before. So may I. Give me a push behind, General."

Jackson, pushing Polk: "By the Eternal! I'll poke you in at all events."

Seeing Tyler's efforts Uncle Sam kicks him from behind, saying, "Holloa you impudent rascal, let those persons in I'll examine them myself--Ah! Harry [i.e., Clay] is that you? Come in--I want you--and [to Tyler] do you get out with that kick, and never show me your false face again." Uncle Sam is portrayed in an unusual manner, as an old man wearing knee-breeches and a wide-brimmed straw hat.

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