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Complete Explanation:
A parody of Democratic efforts to reelect incumbent Martin Van Buren in the face of broad popular support for Whig candidate William Henry Harrison. The print is a crude woodcut evidently based on Napoleon Sarony's "The New Era Whig Trap Sprung" (no. 1840-43), but differing in some details. The woodcut version includes on the cabin names of only eleven states (as opposed to twenty-one in the Sarony version), and omits the mound of clay and the eagle on the chimney. In addition the bale used as a fulcrum for Jackson's lever is labeled (probably in error) "N G" instead of "New-Orleans."

Four other similarly primitive but bold woodcut campaign satires apparently by the same artist as "The Trap Sprung!," are also listed here. Three of them were issued from the same address, 104 Nassau Street (nos. 1840-26, -27, and -28). The fourth, "Uncle Sam's Pet Pups!"" (no. 1840-29) is clearly by the same artist, although published under Robert Elton's imprint.

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