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Complete Explanation:
A satire on the Van Buren administration challenged by Whig presidential candidate William Henry Harrison. Harrison, dressed as a woman, tries to remove Van Buren from his throne with a midwife's forceps. Van Buren, clinging to his seat (lettered "US") says, "O! Help! Help! I cant hold out much longer. He will have me out, I feel he will: our suffering is intolerable." Holding him back are supporters (left to right) John C. Calhoun, Francis Preston Blair, Amos Kendall, and Thomas Hart Benton.

Calhoun: "After all my turning and twisting and turning again and again to no purpose. Why it is worse than Nullification."

Blair: "O! Granny spare the poor dear little creature. See how much he suffers. If we lose him we are undone indeed."

Benton: "I am "Bent-on" holding him down, till his incubation be more complete, as I wish to deliver him myself."

Harrison: "You must come my baby; if you stay here much longer you will kill your Mammy."

Harrison stands on a small table covered with a cloth with an eagle ornament. A modest, upholstered chair (also with an eagle) stands to the right, in marked contrast to the larger, more ornate throne.

The print is the work of the artist "HD," judging from its similarity, especially in the portraits, to his "A Political Movement" (no. 1840-37).

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