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Complete Explanation:
Prominent Democratic party publicists Francis Preston Blair and Amos Kendall are portrayed as Siamese twins, joined at the mid-section, and standing on a large globe. Blair (left) was the influential editor of the Washington "Globe" newspaper. Kendall resigned his cabinet post as postmaster general on May 16, 1840, to undertake editing of the "Extra Globe," a party organ issued during the presidential campaign. The "Extra" is the ligament that joins him and Blair in Sarony's cartoon.

Blair exclaims, "Amos: You are an Atlas! and can support the Globe!"

Kendall replies, "Yes! Frank, and "can" make the Globe support me."

The latter's confirms the widespread rumor that Kendall shared considerably in the campaign paper's profits. He holds in his left hand a paper with the words "List of Subscribers 100,000 Office Holders." Kendall used thousands of federal postmasters to distribute the "Extra Globe." Whigs also maintained that some 100,000 public employees were forced to contribute a portion of their salaries to support the campaign.

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