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Complete Explanation:
A pro-Whig cartoon showing rival candidates Winfield Scott and Franklin Pierce in a race for the presidency in 1852 before an audience of animated spectators. Scott, in uniform and looking uncharacteristically trim, rides a giant gamecock. He is clearly in the lead here, and tips his hat to Pierce, taunting, "What's the matter, Pierce? feel "Faint? " ha! ha! ha! lord what a "Goose!" don't you wish you had my "Cock?" well good bye, Pierce, good bye." Pierce, also in uniform, but riding a large goose, replies, "O dear me! I shall "Faint," I know I shall "Faint," its "Constitutional!""

The added emphasis on the word "Constitutional" suggests that there is a pun intended. The reference to Pierce fainting stems from the Battle of Churubusco in the Mexican War when Pierce, suffering from earlier combat injuries, collapsed unconscious and was carried from the field. The goose was an unflattering symbol also associated with Pierce's Democratic predecessor James K. Polk. (See "Sold for Want of Use," no. 1844-37.)

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