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Complete Explanation:
A slightly modified version of "Battle of Cerro Gordo" (no. 1847-2), in all likelihood produced by the same lithographer. The scene is quite similar, except for the inclusion of the later battle (the Battle of Churubusco, fought on August 20, 1847) in the background, and the addition of the figure of Gen. Gideon J. Pillow on the left. As in the earlier cartoon Scott chases Mexican commander Santa Anna away with a steaming plate of soup. Trist aims his hose at Scott, but its spray falls short of him. Polk remonstrates to General Pillow, who holds a pillow in his hands. The dialogue reflects mounting tensions between Scott and Pillow, Polk's friend and favorite in the field:

Scott: "General, O do "now" stop and try my 'hasty plate of soup?'"

Santa Anna: "Never, no never again, it's ginger tea & quite too hot for me!"

Polk: "Trist, I told you, Sir, to throw cold water on that 'hasty plate of soup!'"

Trist: "Your Excellency! I've tried my best in vain--that soup I cannot reach."

Polk: "My dear Pillow do advance and give my friend another passport [alluding to Polk's mistake in allowing Santa Anna's return from exile in 1846], with something soft whereon to rest his weary head. He did not ask "such soup" from me!"

Pillow: "Rely on me, my Cousin Polk, I'll cool that soup as 'Leonidas' cooled the Persians at Thermopola."

Polk: "It wont do! 'Old Hasty' must be stopped--My honor's gone with that brave Mexican--Cool soup would suit him best, he'd sip, and sip and sip again & give out his Pronunciamentos--his honor save, and my ends gain, 'Old Hasty' to disgrace, but alas! were both undone--but no! 'Old Hasty' shall be made to pay the cost of his audacity--I'll strike him down & send him home!"

Pillow: "My dear Cousin you know you have the power, 'tis but to use it, & 'tis done, just as you say."

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