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Complete Explanation:
The Library's impression has been defaced by a contemporary hand. Perhaps as an editorializing gesture, the eyes in the portraits have been blacked out and a small fox (a reference to "the Kinderhook fox" Martin Van Buren?) inscribed on the breast of each candidate. This impression was deposited for copyright on September 27, 1844.

A campaign banner for Democratic candidates James K. Polk and George M. Dallas. Two bust portraits of the candidates appear in elaborate oval frames, each adorned with two eagles and a cornucopia. Below them are a shield with stars and stripes, two American flags, books, documents, and pens in inkwells. Above the portraits stands the figure of Liberty, holding a staff with a phrygian cap, on a globe before a rising sun. Flanking the central arrangement are two columns with profiles of George Washington carved in relief on their bases.

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