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Complete Explanation:
One of several campaign banners Nathaniel Currier is known to have produced for the Democrats in 1844. It features two laurel-wreathed, oval portraits of Democratic presidential and vice-presidential candidates James K. Polk (left) and George M. Dallas (right). The print imitates the hanging drapes and tassels of cloth banners, aspiring to a "trompe l'oeil" effect. In the center, above the portraits, appear an eagle and several American flags. Below the portraits are acanthus cornucopias similar to those in the "Grand National Whig Prize Banner Badge" (no. 1844-9). The campaign slogan "Polk, The Young Hickory. Dallas And Victory" appears in a rising sun above the eagle.

Nathaniel Currier also produced a nearly identical banner for opposition candidates Clay and Frelinghuysen (no. 1844-12). Judging from its copyright date the Whig banner appeared in April, while the Democratic banner was not deposited for copyright until June 26, after that party's late-May national convention.

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