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Complete Explanation:
A double campaign placard or sign. The work may be an uncut proof for two placards, produced for both Republican and Democratic camps during the 1868 campaign. It is unclear whether the Grant image is intended to be serious or facetious.

The Grant panel has a bust-length portrait of the Republican candidate with the words, "God Grant Us Peace." Grant closed his speech accepting the 1868 nomination with the words "Let us have peace," which later became his campaign slogan.

The panel at right has a portrait of Grant's opponent Seymour accompanied by the pun, "We Shall See More [i.e., Seymour] Rads [Radical Republicans] {grave}bottled up' in November." "Bottled Up" may allude to rumors of Grant's alcoholism, which were fully exploited by Democrats to further their campaign in 1868.

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